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Top Total Downline Silver Managers for USA and Canada

Watkins Incorporated of Winona, Minnesota has named Susan & Michael Laurino of Kalispell, Montana as the No. 2 Watkins Silver Managers for the USA and Canada for 2010. The announcement was made this past weekend at the Watkins International Business Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The husband and wife team have been award winning Watkins business ...

Watkins Products and the Watkins Business Opportunity

Now is a great time to invest in your future. As the original Direct Sale company (established 1868), Watkins offers its 141+ year reputation and Gold Medal Winning Products (cinnamon, pepper and vanilla) to you as you begin your Watkins Home Based Business. Why accept second best? Join the Watkins Team of independent associates and instantly receive huge discounts on over 300+ products, earn exotic free trips and build a team of your own associates that rewards you with a lifetime of residual income.

As we celebrate our short history of less than five years, Susan and I have already begun to see huge success. Our national team is growing and has already replaced one of our full time incomes. Our goal is to make Watkins our full time careers together and our guaranteed retirement income.

With your own Watkins Home Based Business you can choose to either sell product at retail to friends & family and/or build your down-line team by Building Leads Using my Four Techniques. Others join our Exclusive Buying Club to just buy their favorite products at huge discounts. Why pay retail when you can buy from your own discount retail store and save money? Imagine an income stream that is yours! You can't be laid-off; downsized, have your job shipped overseas or terminated… it's your business! So why Start a Small Business instead of a tradition job? Read hear the advantages in my 4 tips and advantages.

The success of Multi-Level Marketing as a Network Marketing team Builder is a simple process once you know a few key steps to take and repeat. But there are things you should know before jumping in and I have included my Best Tips on starting a Direct Sales company and suggestions to help you get off on the right foot.

You may have questions and you can read our Frequently Asked Questions on this link to help you with any concerns you may have.

Product quality, history and guarantee mean the world to today's consumers. Brand Awareness is very important and our V.P J.R. Rigley Vice President — Sales & Marketing explains the benefits of Watkins. Join us today and enjoy all the benefits of Watkins, The Summit Group and our team in particular. Thank you for visiting our site.

Meet Susan and Michael Laurino your Silver Managers.

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