4 Things to Know Before Joining a Direct Sales, MLM Company

The decision to join any Multi-Level Marketing company should be taken seriously, especially if you are investing your hard earned money into the opportunity. Taking the time to evaluate each opportunity and primarily the company itself and what they offer is the only way you are going to give yourself an opportunity to succeed.

While many people believe that success is achieved very easily in Multi-Level Marketing, this is not so. The ones that do become success are few and far between because this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but a business you must invest time and money like any other business.

One of the major reasons is that most people don’t understand how to choose the right business to get into. The following are four things that you must know before you join any Multi-Level Marketing company:

  1. You are going to make the most money from an MLM company that offers the best products and the widest selection of merchandise.  Some things to consider when it comes to the products are their quality, their price points, and if they will need to be reordered by the consumer. Finding a company that offers great products should be the number one of your largest concerns.  Also, dose the company guarantee your satisfaction?
  2. Of course, another important factor should also be the type of commission system they offer to their members. Keep in mind, the companies that sell higher-priced products may offer a larger commission on them, but they may be harder for you to sell.  You want consumables that are a frequent re-order item.  Return business by satisfied customers is best. Sometimes, it is worth the time and effort to buy a few products and try marketing them on your own before you join. How much interest are you getting and could you actually make a decent income from the company under the commission structure they have set up?
  3. Next, the company you join should have a good reputation. The best way to find this out is by doing a search on the company name. If someone has had bad experiences with the company, you can almost be certain to find something online about them. If you do not find anything, try searching for the names of the individuals who are running the show.  Find out the real history of the company, when it started, etc.
  4. Lastly, is this a ground floor opportunity or is your market already saturated with associates?  Some companies brag about how large they are, but you find everyone in and around you selling their products.

This industry is exploding with the internet and more companies looking for “word of mouth marketing” that promotes directly to assured buyers.




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