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The new year is now in full swing and I want to thank you for your efforts, accomplishments and a great beginning to 2009. In today’s struggling economy, it is great to have an opportunity such as Watkins. Whether your business is part-time or full-time, we truly have an opportunity for you to earn income at any level in Watkins.

I want to share with you an e-mail I received a few months ago:

“It has been a long time since I have seen any Watkins products sold. I am wondering if you still have sales people selling to people like you used to years ago; like Avon, etc. I saw your spices in Wal-Mart and bought some there, but wondered about other products you used to sell. I remember your salve, like the Vicks Menthol products, but have not found them in Wal-Mart. Also, the Vanilla, I used to buy. If you still have sales persons who sell from their home, please send me their name and phone number.” — Norma, Michigan

I receive e-mails like Norma’s almost on a daily basis. Her note is a great example of the many opportunities out there to continue to grow our business. Norma was not being reached but we found her and now we want to keep her and expose her to all of our opportunities and products. At Corporate, we keep track of what is popular with you in the field. It is interesting to see which products you and your customers enjoy and use the most. In particular, we are finding that your sales are getting a significant boost from our brand awareness strategies. This is very exciting! We want Watkins to come to mind when people in North America think about living a more natural lifestyle while preparing better meals, maintaining their family’s health, pampering themselves, and making their homes more inviting.

Our brand awareness efforts in recent years are paying off. Here are some of the benefits we are seeing today:

  • Associate sales have increased.
  • Associate sponsoring has increased.
  • We have been able to increase the variety of products we offer.
  • More prospects recognize and are receptive to the Watkins name when an Associate shows them a catalog or business information.
  • We are able to offer special pricing to Associates on selected products.
  • Potential customers now seek out Associates after seeing the brand name elsewhere.
  • Magazine, newspapers, and other publications mention Watkins regularly.

Actually, Watkins having product in stores is not new. Watkins products have been available through independent “mom and pop” stores almost since the company’s beginnings. At one time, Watkins Corporate actually had a number of storefronts called “counter stores” around the country.

What was new about our brand awareness efforts when we first introduced them around 1999 was that Watkins purposefully placed products into national and regional chain stores, instead of just allowing them to be in small mom-and-pop stores. Most consumers were purchasing their household goods in the chain stores, and Watkins needed some kind of brand name exposure in those stores to reach out and introduce our brand to new customers.

Most impressive is that more Associates are now seeing more products than before the brand awareness efforts started. Interestingly, before the program, there were a number of products (especially personal care items) that we almost had to discontinue, because they just weren’t selling for Associates. However, once those products were in selected chain stores, Associate’s sales of those products went up…way up in some cases.

In addition to allowing us to carry more products, there are plenty of benefits that you offer to people that retail stores cannot:

  • You carry over 350 products, but retail locations carry a limited number of products.
  • You help people choose the right products for their specific needs.
  • You provide friendly, helpful advice including product tips, recipes and more.
  • You provide direct-to-the-home convenience.
  • Every product you sell comes with a 100{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} unconditional money back guarantee.
  • You can offer people a 25{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} discount on all their purchases if they join your team with the membership package (which costs less than membership at many wholesale buying clubs).
  • You can offer people the ability to gain financial freedom and improve their lives if they join your team and actively build their own Watkins business.

Many companies blend marketing methods and use multiple channels to get their products to the consumer. Dove has created Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Jockey has a Jockey Person-to-Person Division, The Body Shop markets via The Body Shop at Home, Partylite Gifts markets retail as Colonial Candles of Cape Cod. Like Watkins, these companies have experienced how having their brand available through multiple channels results in more sales through each of those channels. We expect more and more companies will use multiple channels in the future, because it’s a win-win model.

Everyone can benefit as our brand awareness efforts result in more people becoming interested in Watkins. The way for you to get the biggest boost is simple – just make sure people in your community know you are a Watkins Associate and know how to find you. You can do that with word-of-mouth or advertising. This is a great opportunity for you to gain new customers, service their on-going needs, generate new business leads and grow your Watkins business.

We value your passion for Watkins products and thank you for being the heart of our business. We look forward to supporting and recognizing your continued growth and success! Please keep reaching for the Norma Jeans out there!


J.R. Rigley

Vice President — Sales & Marketing


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