Dave & Fran Daisey

DaiseyFran and I have been “partners” with Watkins since 1999. For the first couple of years we were content to be customers enjoying the “world-class” products. When we did decide to launch our Watkins business we started just like every other new Associate – at zero. We had little knowledge of the company or the business system. We had no other Associates on our team. Certainly, we had no idea as to how we could use the Watkins Opportunity to achieve financial security and time freedom. Our first check was for a $1.37. We were pleased because the check proved to us
that the system works.

Until recently we have operated our Watkins Business part-time because we have other careers. Fran is a Real Estate Broker and I am a recently retired from my Industrial Training and Consulting Practice. I am also a professional writer. Our Watkins business has grown so dramatically that Fran will soon be able to retire from her Real Estate career. I
will have much more time to devote to my writing. At the present time I spend 35 – 40 hours per week on our Watkins Business. These hours are at my discretion. I work when, where and how I want to work. Because of our growing residual income Fran and I can take off a month and still earn a substantial check from Watkins.

Watkins has really been good to us. Most importantly is the recognition that our income will continue to grow for the rest of our lives and we will have a business that we can leave to our children. We have received several awards and recognition. In 2001 Fran and I were named the Number One Watkins Gold Consultants for the United States. In 2006
I was selected to be a keynote speaker at the Watkins International Business Conference. We have earned three all-expenses-paid vacations as a result of our business development achievements. A Watkins vacation is a remarkable experience. The company rolls out the red carpet for high achievers.

One of the most enjoyable features of the Watkins Business is the remarkable people that you meet. A prime example of this is Susan and Michael Laurino. They joined our Watkins Success Network several years ago. Both are experienced and highly successful business owners and leaders. Susan and Michael are on the Fast Track to the Executive Titles in Watkins. They have exemplary skills and competencies and are totally focused on mentoring and supporting anyone who joins their team. If you elect to enroll in Watkins under the sponsorship of Susan and Michael Laurino you will benefit greatly from their remarkable leadership and caring spirit.

—Dave & Fran Daisey


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"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a Network Marketing business."

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