Do I have to sell something?

It never fails, as soon as I start to talk about the Network Marketing success my wife Susan and I are having, friends, family and acquaintances never fail to say two things, “Oh, is this one of those Pyramid Schemes” and, do I have to sell something?”

I think you will be surprised of my answer.  “Well, yes and no.”  But what will really surprise you is which is yes and which is no.

Let’s start with the obvious, “Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes?”  Why, yes it is!  I then go on to explain that life is a Pyramid Scheme, isn’t it?  Think about this, when you start a job, don’t you start at the bottom and work your way to the top.  Not every makes it to the top.  You work hard and climb the corporate Pyramid.  What about college, don’t many students start as freshman and before four years are up, very few graduate?  They are put back when I explain what a Pyramid really is and what they are thinking of is a Ponzi Scheme, which we all recently read and heard about in the news with Bernie Maddoff.  This scheme is one of passing money not products.  The government has recognized the Network Marketing industry to be legal and legitimate.  Even President Clinton is all over the internet praising this industry.  More than 25,000 people a day start their own home based business in the United States alone.  Russia, India and most of the world is exploding in this new business model.

The second question is the key to your success in this business.  “Do I have to sell something?”   Most would quickly answer…Yes!  But let’s look at this question and misunderstanding in Network Marketing or Direct Sales.  When you go to the local supermarket do you say, they are selling you something, or do you go there to buy?  How about when you decide to make a major purchase, a car, flat screen TV or even a house.  Do you say, “Let’s go get sold a car or do you say, let’s go buy a car?”  Most of us think of salesmen in a negative light…Why?  We are uncomfortable in the sales process and feel pressured that they are trying to sell us something we don’t want, right?  Most of our friends and family have a negative experience of someone in the Network Marketing business hard selling them or pressuring them to join their business.  Most likely that person wasn’t educated or professional about presenting his opportunity and probably just didn’t understand Transfer Buying.

The simplicity of a good Network Marketing company is offering great products that we need and are consumable (item we use every day).  Products that improve our lives and offer high quality at a reasonable price makes sense.

Let me give you a clue to becoming very successful in this industry and never having to sell anything.  First, if you chose a product that you researched and it fit all of the qualifications I mentioned above and you yourself find it exceptional, use it and reuse it, you are almost there.  You need to become your best customer and advocate by just transferring your buying habits at the grocery store to your store and product line.  Get use to using the products and having them on hand and replacing all the national brands with yours.  Why wouldn’t you do that, especially since you receive a huge discount off the retail pricing and gain points in your business?  Now what if you showed just five people the products you use and recommend and once they found out you were receiving a large discount off retail, they too might want to buy at wholesale.  Instead of trying to sell them product at retail, you allow them to buy at wholesale.

Most MLM’s want you to sell products at retail to earn your profit from selling.  This is a way to make instant income, but unless you SELL and continue to SELL, your income is based wholly on your repeat selling.  If you love these products and the five people love them, do you think they will tell anyone?

I use the example that we all are in this business, we just aren’t being paid.  When you go to a great restaurant, a movie or refer your accountant, mechanic or doctor, do they send you a commission check?  Of course not, but this is referral selling and is the best means of adverting.  Your referral is way better than any ad on TV, radio or newspaper, why?  Because of your trusted relationship with others, you are believable.  You are not going to recommend any of these products if you have not had a great experience with them.

Allow people to buy from you, don’t try and sell them.  If the five people you shared this with want to buy, and if they tell just five others and they tell five, your downline just became 125 people.  But you MUST buy your products as deep into your line as possible.  You need a testimony on every product you have or how else can you passionately tell them about the benefits.  You need to discover new ways these products can be used and how next to the national brand they offered you better performance, value and improved you life.

Nobody wants to get sold, but we love to buy and we love to buy what has been recommended to us.  You might think that your membership in one of the big box stores is saving you huge amounts of money.  The truth is they offer a 6{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e}-9{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} discount on major brands and force you to buy huge quantity for the savings.  You also will pay a yearly fee to get that discount.  You also may receive a 2{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} rebate at the end of the year on all your purchases.  If you buy $5000 a year, you will receive $100, which is close to the $40+ dollars a year to be a member.  Now what if for that same $40 you could start your own Home Based MLM and save 25{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} on your purchases at minimum.  If you bought $2500 a year from your store, you would have saved $625.  Now if that, five get five get five model I gave you above started developing and each of your people just BUY from their own company $2500 a year, that would be $2500 from 125 people or $312,000 purchased in your downline.  Since they all bought at wholesale you could earn as much as $31,250 a year for just Buying your products with your team.  Many of them in that scenario would also be earning a lot of money too.  That breaks down to transfer buying only $208 of your products a month or $52 a week.

The reason people fail at this business is they don’t buy their own products, period.  You are going to go to the market and buy these items every month.  You can buy them from your business or continue to allow the supermarket and Big Box store to make all the profit… your choice.  The items are competitively priced against the national brands.  The profit built into every product on the market is distributed to distributors, representatives, advertising, brokers and the store itself.  That 60{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} profit is divided among them.  The MLM industry and manufactures recognize that a direct path to you and your recommendation is best.  The 60{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} profit is than passed to you and the entire downline in your organization.

We need to have a paradigm shift in our thinking and get our piece of this successful, legal and legitimate industry.  Why else would 25,000 a day be joining this business?  What are you waiting for?  I spent 37 years doing business the old fashion way and only wish I had discovered this years ago!  Let me show you how to have people coming to you to BUY so you don’t have to SELL!


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