Do Products Matter?

Most Direct Sales companies are product based. The product line is, by far, the most important aspect of any MLM program. First, ask yourself these questions;  

  • Are the products high in quality?
  • Is the price competitive with similar products on the market or are they inflated to earn income for their associates?
  • If you were not earning anything because of the MLM aspect of their program, would you still purchase the company’s products at the retail price?
  • Does this product line cross all gender and age sectors of the market?
  • If you answered NO to any of these questions, then forget it. While some people are successful at building huge organizations, most people who get involved will never sponsor anyone and not even buy the product themselves.  Will they continue to earn you money by purchasing and selling the products month after month if they aren’t receiving any bonus from their down-line?

Now let’s look at the product line from a distributor’s viewpoint and ask these questions;

  • Are the products consumable? If they are consumable, you can continue to sell these products month after month to the same loyal customers. Additionally, you will want to consider what the true market of the product line is.
  • If not a consumable, you will have to constantly work to find more and more one time customers?  Additionally, you will want to consider what the true market of the product line is. If the products are very high quality with an associated high price, how big is the market for this level of quality?
  • The same goes for unique, one-of-a-kind products. How many people would actually buy the product? Always keep in mind that if the product line is unique to the company, it won’t be unique for long if it really is successful. If there truly is demand for the product, then copy-cat products will hit the traditional stores and what was once a unique niche in the marketplace will become a highly competitive market where your products are likely very over-priced.
  • Will your customers buy something based on price or quality?  Nobody was ever sorry for buying the best, price matters, but it isn’t the most important thing. The product must stand on its own to create repeat customers.

The Final things to consider when researching a product line are;

  • What are the tools available to you in selling or presenting this product?
  • Are they presented in catalogs, brochure format or electronic presentation?
  • Can it cost effectively be mailed?
  • How much do the catalogs or other sales aids cost? Some companies have overpriced catalogs and sales material.
  • Will the company ship directly to your customers or do you have to stock and ship yourself?
  • Do you have to handle large required inventory or have minimum purchase requirements?
  • Can the products be sold at fairs, flea markets, or through fundraising, party plan, or to commercial accounts?
  • What are the history, reputation and guarantee behind your product line?

To be truly successful in this or any business is to believe in the product yourself.  You must be your best customer.  Your Passion must show through.  You don’t have to be the best salesman in the world, but you must believe in your company, product and profession and the world will come looking for what you have and who you are!

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