How to be more successful as a Network Marketing team builder.

As a Network Marketer or Direct Sales Independent Business person, your ultimate goal is to work less hours and still make more money than the 9-5 grind. To do this, you must be able to build your team or down-line, as we call it in the industry. The larger and more productive your down-line, the more income you will earn. Unfortunately, this is the area where many marketers have trouble from fear of cold calling leads or just telling people about what you are doing. The key is to learn how to be more successful with your network marketing recruiting and not relying on cold leads or friends and family only.

The first step in Network Marketing recruiting is following up with every lead by all means available to you. Many marketers fail to do this for fear of rejection. Some of them may feel as though they are wasting their time or setting themselves up to hear the word “no”. The “no” response may actually be a “Know response”, meaning “I don’t know”. To get over your fear of contacting leads, think of theses as people waiting to hear from you about your incredible opportunity. Your passion must come across as sincere and you must be confident that what you have to offer is truly a value, quality product or opportunity.

When you do contact your prospects, you must remain positive, but you also can not go overboard. If anyone thinks that you are being nice to them, just so that you can lure them in, they aren’t going to like it and can usually see right through that. Prospects want to deal with genuine people, not those who come across as fake or that “car salesman mentality”. Before you meet with any of your prospects, practice what you are going to say and be prepared to answer questions. If you don’t have an answer for a specific question, ask another question to help define their need. Also, be willing to say, “I don’t know, but I will research that and get you an answer”. People want to be around positive, successful, passionate people.

Before you start recruiting new members into your down-line, you will also want to make certain you have a good support system set up for them. Many of them will consider you their leader and, for those who are inexperienced in the business, they will count on you to be there for them. You are their source for success. Many people build down-lines and have no idea how to help them. You can either set up weekly or monthly meetings or phone conferences or allow them to contact you at anytime through email or the telephone. The most successful marketers once they have built a large team often make use of an online forum where their members can meet and discuss the business.

Network Marketing recruiting should not be the one task you hate to do. Instead, consider it to be a challenge. Behind every opportunity is hard work. Building relationships is what this business is all about and the more you put yourself out there, the more successful you will be with it. This is the only industry where the people in your down-line are not just team members, but their success is the key to your success.

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