Jerry Fochtmann

FochtmannI was raised on the rock-solid advice that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “if it sound too good to be true…” So, I was understandably skeptical and had doubts when my sister and her husband (Steve & Ginny Bretzke) told
us about Watkins. It sounded interesting, but I decided to wait and see how they did with it.

So, for five long years I watched them, while I was keeping my nose to grindstone at my job. During that time, my brother-in-law started earning enough from Watkins that he quit his full-time job. He and my sister were able to buy new cars and obviously were doing quite well.

I think the clincher for me, however, was when they earned free trips from Watkins to Spain and then Rome. I finally decided it was time to look closer. And, after checking it all out thoroughly, I started in Watkins, too.

Since then, Watkins helped make it possible for me to quit my job in the training department of a large stock brokerage, to be home full-time with my daughter since she was born, and for me to eliminate some large debts. What a blessing! My only regret is that I waited so long to get started. Oh, by the way, this is me on a free Watkins trip
snorkeling in the Bahamas!!

—Jerry Fochtmann, Bronze Executive, Missouri



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"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a Network Marketing business."

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