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As more of us today strive to improve our quality of life with natural-based products, at Watkins we have proudly been committed to using the finest natural ingredients since 1868. Whether it’s our line of 100{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e} pure organic spices or our all-natural hand salves and body oils, we have been blending nature‚Äôs finest ingredients with cutting edge science for more than 142 years. Although we proudly still offer many of the same natural products (such as Liniment) that have been trusted since we first began, we are proud to continually remain on the forefront of product development and innovation. We hope that as you continue to enjoy our tried and true products that have been connecting generations for so many years, you will also take a look at the many new natural products that our talented research and development team has formulated for you, like the all new natural earth friendly Home Care line introduced in 2007. This exciting new line-up offers 17 chemical free cleaning products that you will love. Although our product line is always evolving, our steadfast commitment to superior quality never changes.

We are quite proud of our rich past, but we are even more proud of our commitment to the future. In addition to bringing our customers the finest products all backed by our original money-back satisfaction guarantee, we are committed to making a difference in the communities we touch. As more and more customers are enjoying our products, we are proud to consistently contribute a significant amount of our profits to support the great work being done by so many non-profits. Our gifts to support the disabled, the arts, education, hospitals and numerous other worthy causes are very important to us. We believe that being a good corporate citizen committed to giving back and improving our communities is vital to the health and sustainability of our planet. We are honored that through our many loyal customers who span multiple generations, we have been able to make a difference in so many lives. All of us at Watkins thank you for being our customer and look forward to improving your life with our diverse line of natural products.


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