Steve & Ginny Bretzke

Bretzke_FamilyHi. My name is Steve Bretzke. Back in 1990, my wife, Ginny, and I learned about a business that we could operate from our home on our own schedule, working as associates of a company called Watkins. After fully investigating the company and the business, we got started.

My initial motivation was to be able to quit the boring, frustrating job I had at that time. But, I had no idea how dramatically this business would change our entire lives for the better. Just 14 months later, I was able to quit the job I hated. And, when our second daughter was born, Ginny quit her job, too, with our income from Watkins more than providing for all our needs.

Within a few years after starting, we were enjoying that rare feeling of having plenty of money and the time to enjoy it.

These days, we’re available to care for our children, and we get to enjoy all the special times so many parents miss. We’ve relaxed on lavish trips on which Watkins covered the entire bill, including: Spain; Africa; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Barbados; Jamaica; New Zealand; Australia; a Caribbean Cruise; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Banff, Canada; Denver; Minneapolis; and San Francisco. And, besides earning a great income every month, one year we were even awarded a $100,000 bonus check. It’s truly a wonderful life!

The Secret of Our Success

Certainly, Watkins hasn’t rewarded us with all the income, trips, and bonuses for doing nothing. They’ve rewarded us because we’ve helped to greatly increase their overall company profits.

We’ve worked hard. But, more importantly, we’ve worked smart. We didn’t try to do all the work ourselves. Instead, we invited other people to enjoy the benefits of this business along with us, with each associate choosing business strategies that were comfortable for them.

Today, our organization, which we call the Summit Group, has thousands of associates across the United States and Canada. We help our associates work towards and achieve their personal goals, and, in turn, their involvement helps the overall organization grow stronger.

We hope it turns out that you’re a good match for our team and that what we offer is right for you. If that’s the case, we’ll look forward to assisting you in reaching your dreams as a Summit Group associate.

—Steve & Ginny Bretzke



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