Watkins Purest Granulated Black Pepper

Originally introduced in 1895, Watkins Pure Black Pepper was awarded the Grand Prize with Gold Medal for Highest Quality at the International Exposition, Paris in 1928.

Watkins Purest Granulated Black PepperBlack pepper is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular and important spice. Of the total spice usage nationwide, about a third is devoted to pepper. It is used in virtually every cuisine in the world. Its versatility and popularity have earned it the title “The King of Spices.” Watkins has been famous for pepper for over a hundred years, and has always purchased the best peppercorns available on the market. These top grade peppercorns are always clean and uniform,

and are carefully screened for twigs and other fillers before being granulated. Once granulated, the pepper is immediately packed into our trademark black tin.

How Watkins black pepper is different.

  • Exclusive granulating process: Watkins exclusive process granulates each berry into distinct particles rather than crushing or grinding them into dust. Our process doesn’t create as much friction, which can evaporate the essential oils by generating heat. The result is better flavor retention.
  • Carefully screened: Stems and other debris are meticulously removed to ensure the purest pepper flavor.

Gourmet Pepper Blends

Watkins Gourmet Pepper BlendsSince pepper is the world’s most versatile spice (and one of our specialties), we offer this variety to add spice to every occasion. Watkins Black Pepper is carefully processed from high-oil Malabar and Lampong peppercorns, the two most flavorful varieties. Enjoy our world-famous Black Pepper in seasoned blends!


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