Watkins Vanilla

Originally introduced in 1895, Watkins Original Double-Strength Vanilla was awarded the Grand Prize with Gold Medal for Highest Quality at the International Exposition, Paris in 1928.

Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world today, and few companies can claim a name association with vanilla like Watkins can. Having produced the world’s finest vanilla for more than 100 years, Watkins is recognized as the name in vanilla by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. Our dedication to quality begins with buying only the finest vanilla beans… The best vanilla beans in the world are those of The Bourbon variety—specifically those grown on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. This labor-intensive crop is of such high quality that a single bean can retail for more than $3 (U.S.).

Watkins Double Strength VanillaWatkins Original Double Strength Vanilla

Watkins’ signature blend of real vanilla extract and rich fortifiers (including artificial flavorings) give its award-winning Original Double Strength Vanilla a delicious, concentrated flavor that is economical to use and guarantees superior results.

Our dedication to quality is what makes Watkins the best vanilla you can buy. Watkins uses rich vanilla beans to brew a pure vanilla extract. Once “brewed”, it is fortified with straight vanillin and other ingredients to make the flavor resistant to degradation by heat or freezing and to make the product double strength. The vanilla is carefully aged, and has a very low alcohol level (8-1/4{63a01ab6ce2321448543e87a1027c94816ebbed55b061bb2e8c347af87dc644e}), which makes it even more heat resistant. Not only is watkins the best tasting vanilla, it is also more economical because you only need to use half as much. Watkins original vanilla is certified Kosher.

Watkins Double-Strength Imitation Clear VanillaDouble-Strength Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract

The color most often associated with vanilla is white. Ironically, vanilla is dark brown—nearly black—and tends to discolor white foods. Serious bakers who produce wedding cakes and other goods that need to be pure white need an alternative. Watkins has captured a true, rich, full-bodied vanilla flavor in a clear formula. Like our Original Double-Strength Vanilla, it’s double strength, bake-proof and freeze-proof, so you get all the flavor you want—without the color you don’t.

Watkins Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Watkins Pure Madagascar Bourbon VanilaLeave it to the vanilla experts at Watkins to produce the very best! We use only the finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, aged to perfection and processed to our exacting standards. It takes almost a pound of these precious beans to make just one gallon of this premium extract. This fine, delicate flavor is recommended where true vanilla flavor—with all of its complex notes—is a must, such as in mousses, flans, sweetened whipped cream, and buttercream frostings. Note: Because the complex topnotes that make pure vanilla extract distinctive are so volatile, its flavor may be damaged by extremely high heat, such as in candymaking.

The difference between Watkins Original Double-Strength Vanilla and Watkins Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla?

Although both contain real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract, Watkins Original Double-Strength Vanilla is made with considerably less alcohol and is fortified with stabilizers which make it more effective for baking and freezing. Watkins Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract is better used in recipes that do not require baking or freezing, such as adding to whipped cream, butter, cereal or a favorite beverage.

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